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  • Does TalksOnLaw offer all the MCLE needed to complete my requirement?
    Yes. TalksOnLaw offers the full requirement for Illinois attorneys including Professional Responsibility credits and special courses that satisfy diversity/inclusion PR credits and mental health/substance abuse PR credits. Once you are an MCLE member of TalksOnLaw, you can search and sort courses by state accreditdation and credit category to complete your requirement.
  • Does TalksOnLaw offer courses on its website or on the TalksOnLaw mobile app?
    Yes. Both. Illinois MCLE members have full access to our website and our iOS mobile app. Courses earned on either are tracked on both. Your certificates are earned and stored for you in your My Account page on the website as well as the My Profile tab on the TOL Mobile App. The mobile app can be found at: More information on the mobile app can be found at:
  • What are the requirements to claim an out-of-state exemption from MCLE requirements?
    Out-of-state attorneys may claim this exemption only if they meet all four of these criteria for a specific time period (see below). The attorney must: Be a member of the bar (or licensed to practice under a limited license) in another state with comparable CLE requirements; Have his/her only or primary office in that other state (if no office, his/her only or primary residence in that state); Be required by that state to complete credits to comply with its CLE requirements; and Have proof of full compliance with that state’s CLE requirements. As of January 1, 2017, comparable CLE requirements are found in all 50 U.S. states except: Alaska, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, and South Dakota. The District of Columbia also does not have comparable CLE requirements. Attorneys practicing outside the U.S. may not claim this exemption. For a full exemption, the attorney must meet all four criteria either for at least 365 days of the Illinois reporting period or on its last day (June 30 of the reporting year). In the latter case, he/she must comply fully within the other state's reporting period that includes that June 30. For example, if the other state's reporting period ends on December 31 of the same year, the attorney might still be working on those requirements as of June 30, but he/she needs to fully comply in the other state by December 31. The attorney must report this exemption by July 31 of his/her reporting year online at the "My MCLE" section of Rule 791(a)(6).
  • What special CLE requirements apply to newly-admitted attorneys?
    Newly-Admitted Attorneys who are not exempt must complete all three parts of the newly-admitted attorney requirement by the stated deadlines: A Basic Skills course of no fewer than six hours which covers professional responsibility (PR) topics such as practice techniques and procedures under the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, client communications, use of trust accounts, attorneys' other obligations, required record keeping, professionalism, diversity/inclusion, mental health/substance abuse, and civility. It may also cover other rudimentary elements of practice. You may instead choose to undertake a mentoring program approved by the Commission on Professionalism ( Additional hours of Illinois approved CLE credit necessary to total 15 hours, including any amount of PR credit. Participating in a mentoring program cited in Part 1 can count toward these hours, if it was not undertaken in lieu of the Basic Skills course. An online report that you complied with Parts 1 and 2 (or have a valid exemption) to the MCLE Board. Attorneys with a full exemption must complete only Part 3 by the stated deadline. Parts 1 and 2 (which may include enrollment in an approved mentoring program) must be done by the completion deadline, which is the last day of the month following the day that marks one year of admittance to the Illinois bar. Part 3 must be done by the reporting deadline, which is 31 days after the completion deadline. For example, if admitted in November 2017, you have until November 30, 2018 (completion deadline) to finish the requirements. You then must report your compliance or a valid exemption by 31 days later, which is December 31, 2018 (reporting deadline). You also have the option to reduce your late fee by reporting not complied by the reporting deadline (in this example, December 31, 2018) and you will have the same grace period to complete your credits. If you don’t meet these deadlines, you’ll incur a late fee and ultimately risk removal from the Master Roll of Attorneys. Going forward, your initial two-year reporting period begins on the July 1 after the completion deadline – in an even-numbered year for A-M last names and in an odd-numbered year for N-Z last names. As an example, it starts on July 1, 2020 for Atty. "Marshall" and on July 1, 2019 for Atty. "Wilson." Amended Rule 793(c), Rule 793(e).


Attorney Compliance Reporting Should Be Entered Online

Attorneys report compliance with (or a valid exemption from) MCLE requirements every other year. Reporting periods last two years from July 1 to June 30 – in even numbered years for those with A-M last names and in odd numbered years for those with N-Z last names.


Your two-year reporting period deadlines:

To see what two-year reporting period you are currently in and deadlines for that reporting period, login using the Attorney Login box on the upper right of this page. After logging in, go to the "My MCLE" page on our website and that information will display below your name.

Completing credits:

Beginning with the July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2019, and July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020, two-year reporting periods, attorneys must continue to complete 30 total hours of credit, including at least six hours of professional responsibility (“PR”) credit. However, of those six hours of PR credit, Illinois attorneys must complete one hour of diversity/inclusion PR credit and one hour of mental health/substance abuse PR credit. 


The second year in the period is the reporting year. To avoid late fees, all CLE hours must be completed by 11:59 PM CDT on June 30 of that year (completion deadline) and your compliance (or a valid exemption that needs to be reported) reported by 11:59 PM CDT on July 31. Online reporting opens on May 1 of your reporting year.


To report online, please login using the Attorney Login box on the upper right of, then go to "My MCLE” and follow the steps to submit your report.


Last Name Determination:

If sworn in to the Illinois bar:

  • on July 1, 2006 or later, use your last name on file with the ARDC on your swearing-in date;

  • on or before June 30, 2006, use your last name on file with the ARDC on July 1, 2006.

Name Change:

Once you are admitted, your reporting group does not change even if your name does.

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